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ETCC 60th Anniversary Photo Shoot-UPDATE

Final Announcement for ETCC Photo Shoot

To All Members Who Signed up for the Photo Shoot:

First of all, we have outstanding response for this event and I want to thank each and every one of you that signed up.  We have 110 cars with 184 individuals signed up for the photo shoot.  This cover photo will definitely demonstrate to the rest of the NCCC family why ETCC has been and continues to be (2016/2017) the largest Corvette club in the history of NCCC.  And, the weather is also cooperating with a mix of sun & clouds with temperatures in the mid-80's and no rain.


1. The directions to the photo location are available on the ETCC website Calendar for Sept 24, 2017

2.  We want you to arrive at the site between 1:00PM and 2:00PM.  It's OK if you're a little early, but please don't be late.

3.  As soon as the photo site is completely marked out by the event team, we will start moving cars into the appropriate positions.

4.  We plan to start filming by 3:00 PM.  We expect to be finished and have the cars off the field & lined up for departure by 4:30 or so.

5.  There will be 8 individual bathrooms with running water available and some open space in a building where you can get out of the sun if you need to.

6.  The area for the photo shoot staging is a fairly level site (no problems for side boards and front splitters that are on some C6 & C7 Grand Sports and Z06's).

7.  Also, this area will be freshly mowed with a mower, not a hay cutter.

8.  Suggest that you bring a lawn type chair for each person and a small cooler with cold drinks and maybe some snacks.

9.  It is requested that no alcohol drinks be consumed until after the photo shoot is over.

 10.  You need to pick up all trash (i.e. wrappers, chip bags, cans, bottles, etc.) that you generate and take it with you.  We need to leave this site clean when leaving.

  1. When you arrive, Allen Edwards and Gary Alred will direct you to the staging area.  You will be lined up in the order in which you arrive. At this time, take your chairs/coolers etc. out of the car and place them in an area identified by Allen and Gary.  DO NOT sit near the photo area where the cars will be placed for photo.
  2. Betty will be at a table under a pop-up tent.  Her location will be pointed out to you.  IT IS MANDATORY that every person on the site find her and sign in for this event.
  3. When we start moving cars onto the field for the photo, you will be moved out in the order that you were originally parked in; no exceptions.
  4. There will be guides on the field directing you exactly where and how to park your car.  This is imperative in order to get all the cars into the space we have in order for the picture to fit the cover of Blue Bars.  You will have the space to open your doors enough to comfortably get in or out of your car.  We also will not let you or anyone else get close enough to ding the car in front, behind or next to you.  But it is necessary that we gets cars parked pretty close.
  5. We will take a few pictures/short videos of the cars only.  Then we will break all individuals into 2 or 3 groups that will be placed as groups in specific areas along  the sides or rear of the cars and take some more pictures/short videos
  6. We will let you know when it is time to start moving the cars off the photo area.  At that time all drivers should head to their car.  The staff will direct each and every car off the field in a way that ensures that no one or car gets hurt or damaged.  So, don't move your car until directed to do so by a staff member
  7. If you are not going on the Drive & Dine, you can just go ahead and depart the area.
  8. If you signed up for the Drive & Dine to Euchee Marina, Allen and Gary will direct you to where you need to line up.  The Goebel's will be leading the drive and we'll leave once we've got the site completely cleaned up and everyone is lined up.
I think this is going to be a great day, a lot of fun and an opportunity to experience some really good camaraderie.  Hope to see you all there.

Drive Safe
Doug Lamothe

ETCC 60th Anniversary Photo Shoot

60th Anniversary Photo Shoot for Blue Bars Cover Photo

The 2018 first quarter issue NCCC Blue Bars Magazine (February 2018) will have an ETCC 60th anniversary cover photo and an article about our club.  We will use club member Corvettes to form the numeral “60”, which will take 65 Corvettes.  The photo will also include additional Corvettes parked above the numeral 60, our members divided into two groups (one group on each side of the numeral “60”, and a photo shopped copy of our new 60th anniversary club logo.

The date of the photo shoot is Sunday afternoon, Sept 24, 2017.  In case of inclement weather, we have established a backup date of Sunday afternoon, Oct 15, 2017.  The cover photo has to be delivered to Blue Bars by the 1st of Nov 2017.

The location of the photo Shoot is at Faith Farm on County Road 260, located about ½ mile off US Rte. 11 between Niota and Athens, TN.  Directions will be posted separately.  Everyone that is participating needs to arrive at the location between 1:00 & 2:00 PM on Sept 24th.  We need to have everyone lined up and in place by 3:00 PM.  The photos will be taken by a licensed and insured drone operator.

We need a minimum of 65 Corvettes and would like to have at least 80-100 to emphasize just how large ETCC is.  If we can get more than 100 Vettes, we’ll get all of them in the picture.  We have 400+ members, it shouldn’t be that hard to get 140 or so, which is about 35% !!

VERY IMPORTANT:  We need to know ASAP for major planning efforts how many cars and individuals can and will attend (no cost for the photo shoot). This is critical: Betty Lamothe is keeping a roster of who is attending.  If you have not yet signed up, I request that you contact Betty as soon as possible.  She can be reached by text message at 865-414-8442 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  She will also be taking information at the Sept 2017 monthly meeting.  She needs to get the following information from all who will attend: (1) Name(s) of who is attending; (2) Are you bringing 1 or 2 Corvettes; (3) Can you make it on both Sept 24th & Oct 15th, or only one of those days; and (4) your email address.  She needs your email address so she can easily send out a notification if we have to cancel on Sept 24th due to inclement weather. 

We also need to know whether or not you then wish to join us for a Dine and Drive to Euchee Grill and Brewhouse at the Euchee Marina.  It will be about a 20 minute drive to Euchee’s and we expect to arrive there around 4:30 – 5:00 PM.  This is the same place that we went to for the July Dine and Drive with over 40 Corvettes. Betty also needs to know if you plan to attend the Dine & Drive to Euchee’s because I need to give them a head count at least 3 days in advance.

Directions to Photo Shoot:

From I-75 Exit 52 (TN 305 - Mount Verd Road) go east approximately 2 miles to the traffic light (US-11).

Turn Left and go approximately 1.8 miles to CR260 on the left.  This is where US11 reduces to 2 lanes and a big red barn is on your right.

Go a short way over the bridge and turn right into the gravel driveway to the "Faith Farm" and the ETCC sign.

Park to the left on the grass until guided into your photo spot.

Coming South on US11 from the Sweetwater area.  Continue through Niota (WATCH YOUR SPEED!).

When you pass the EMS Station and see the road widening to 4 lanes -STAY TO THE RIGHT - immediately turn right on CR260. SHARP TURN!

Go a short way over the bridge and turn right into the gravel driveway to the "Faith Farm" and the ETCC sign.

Park to the left on the grass until guided into your photo spot.

Coordinator-Doug Lamothe

Event Properties

Event Date 09-24-2017 1:00 pm
Event End Date 09-24-2017 7:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price Free
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