Welcome to The East Tennessee Corvette Club


The election of our 2018 Officers and Members at Large will occur at our December 5 meeting at Reeder Chevrolet. Nominated members are listed bellow.

President - Vicky Wallace (unopposed)
Vice President - Howard Scharf (unopposed)
Treasurer - Mike Patterson (unopposed)
Secretary - Gary Alred (unopposed)
Governor - Jeff Grivas (unopposed)

Board Members at Large:

Judy Holly-Pope
Sharon Wolber
Charlie Christian

If you will be unable to attend the December​ 5 meeting, please download the Official Absentee Ballot. You will note that all officers are running unopposed and they will be elected by voice vote at the meeting. However there are three candidates for Member-At-Large. Please Vote for TWO  of the THREE. Your Absentee Ballot must be received at Reeder Chevrolet, 4301 Clinton Highway, Knoxville TN 37912 and  postmarked no later than November​ 24, 2017 .  This is a very important election as we head into our 60th year. We have some excellent candidates for all positions and the “Members-At-Large” are especially important as they lead us into 2018. Please vote and mail your ballots.

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Meeting Changes Letter
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Club officers for 2017 are:

President - Allen Edwards

Former President - Doug Lamothe
Vice-President - Howard Scharf

Treasurer - Bo Weir

Secretary - Vicky Wallace

Governor - Dave Goebel


Phil Harless

Rick Lee